Christmas Light Displays in Tampa 2014!

Celebrating our 20th Year as an Computer Controlled Display!

Rawls Road is the longest running Computerized Display in history!

1994 we introduced 4900 custom programmable chasing lights

1998 This was the site of not only the first full length song synchronized to music, we debuted with eleven song.

2001 We were the first to operate computerized lights not only on one house but actually started operating on 2 neighboring properties as well. A walk thru trail was set up across the 3 properties.

2003 We appeared on nationwide TV for the first time and again in 2004 and 2006.

2004 We were the first to demonstrate lights synced not only to music but actually video which is projected over the house.

Located at 5118 and 5122 Rawls Road in Tampa, Florida


Click here to see our interview on Fox 13 (2007)

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Influences from out display seen at Attractions and Venues on 4 continents.

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